We are an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program that incorporates a variety of outdoor activities as learning tools in the recovery process.

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The Journey Pure Way

Our mission is to help patients get healthy and stay healthy. At JourneyPure, we are passionate about the long-term health and recovery of our patients. We work to help patients and their families get the drug and alcohol addiction treatment they deserve. We set the stage for lifelong success by demonstrating the value of good nutrition, exercise, social connectivity and spiritual grounding. Our expert clinical staff provides patients with healthy coping skills focused on the three pillars of health: sleep, nutrition and exercise. We believe the key to breaking the relapse cycle is continued care and connection, which is why we developed the JourneyPure Coaching App to provide ongoing one-on-one continued support.

We embrace individualized recovery and build our program to equip you with the life skills for lasting recovery. Our treatment plan includes a strong educational curriculum based on the 12-Step Program, private counseling, and relapse prevention.
Our addiction treatment goes beyond the standard detox and cessation to offer practical skills needed to re-enter everyday life. We impart the value of good nutrition, exercise, social connectivity and spiritual grounding to set the stage for lifelong recovery.
We do this by providing evidence-based treatments along with dual diagnosis. This is done by addressing patients’ co-occurring mental health issues and rooting out the underlying “triggers” causing the patient to use and abuse substances.

We are committed to treating patients as we would want to be treated. By integrating innovative therapies, wellness strategies, and technological tools into a lifelong support system, we are committed to offering the best clinical care to everyone we serve. We recognize and respect that our patients have entrusted us with their lives. We also understand that there is a substantial investment, whether financial or otherwise, to benefit from our services. Therefore, our patients have every right to expect effective, well-administered care that will empower them to achieve their personal goals. We value the strength of each person who chooses to undergo the effort of addiction recovery, and we honor the unique voice, experiences, and perspective that each person brings to our program. Our caring staff and our individualized treatment programs consider every patient’s individual needs, desires, and personality. A patient today. Family for life.

The JourneyPure App

Daily recovery log

This allows patients to review and check in throughout the day

HIPAA Compliant

The JourneyPure Coaching™ app meets all HIPAA standards for security of records

Nutritional guidance

The JourneyPure Coaching™ app helps users maintain full recovery in all aspects of their lives, including nutrition

Collaborative Care

JourneyPure Coaching engages in collaborative care management with local healthcare providers

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